A Plus, Inc, Insulation Materials, Decatur, GA

Customer Comments

Thank you for using a plus, inc. for your Mantel, Glass Door, Gas Log and other Insulation and Fireplace needs.

We know that everything does not always go correctly, and we feel that the way in which you handle issues is what sets you apart from other companies.

Here is what a few of our customers had to say:

The crew that came out were amazing. They arrived on time, worked diligently, and did a great job. They understood what had to be done, and are A++++ professionals. I highly recommend them to friends and neighbors.
Take care,
Matthew and Leslie S.

From a customer perspective I would like to extend my satisfaction on this purchase. Thank you for following through.
Best Regards
Lawrence B.

Received the refractory panels today in excellent shape. They were very easily installed and fit perfect. Thanks for the quick service and help with getting these. They were received well ahead of the 2-3 weeks I expected. Glad to get this honey-do out of the way.
Doyle N., LA

Hey Guys,
I had a great experience with your spray foam crew. They were very professional, knew what they were doing, very courteous, and worked as quick as they possible could, cleaned up after themselves, but most of all they were very precise and made sure not to miss a single inch of space that might cause problems in the future.
With my first morning of having an insulated attic, it seems to be an amazing difference, so much cooler than it has been. Wish I could retrofit the entire house with the product.
Best Regards,

Just wanted to circle back - new piece fits perfectly. Thanks for all of your help throughout the process.
Scott T.

I would like to thank you for all of your assistance. I called last week, frantic and dismayed that I would not be able to find an affordable replacement for my fireplace liner (refractory panel).
The young woman on the phone was very cheerful and reassuring. She was very careful in her information gathering, to make sure I got the right product.
The liner was delivered exactly when she said it would be. The packing on the liner was very secure with bubble wrap and foam. The liner arrived in perfect condition and was exactly the right thing. Thank you all for saving the day!!!
Holly G.

I did receive my doors and a lot sooner than I expected. I installed them as soon as I got home from work. They went in like a charm and we love them. Thank you very much for the great service and for the availability of them. I was not sure I would be able to find doors to fit my fireplace but you had them and at a great price.
Thanks for the follow up and have a nice weekend,
God Bless,
Royce and Danna

I have both bricks installed and we had our first fire last night. All is good and thank you for all the help and ease with resolving the damaged brick issue.

The panel arrived and worked perfectly. Thank you for your great customer service. Have a very Merry Christmas.