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FAQ's Fireplaces

Q: What is the difference between Direct Vent, Natural Vent, and Vent Free Gas Fireplaces?
A: Direct Vent fireplaces afford the owner the option of venting straight out the back wall or straight up through the chase.  All Direct Vent models are available in Natural Gas or Propane and feature adjustable flame and heat output.  Natural Vent fireplaces can only vent upwards, with the natural flow of heat.  Vent Free fireplaces do not vent out, thus they are more efficient heating systems than either Direct or Natural Vent fireplaces.  Vent Free fireplaces offer the owner the choice of flush face or louver.  The firebox can house either an 18" or 24" gas log set.
Q: What is the benefit of having a Gas Fireplace as opposed to a Wood Burning Fireplace?
A:  Having a Gas Operated Fireplace offers the obvious convenience of using Gas instead of chopping wood, but also offers slimmer depth for easier and less costly installation.  Operating a Gas Fireplace is convenient and can be done either by remote control or wall thermostat.
Q: Can all of our fireplaces be used in a bedroom or bathroom?
A: Unfortunately not.  Most Vent Free fireplaces cannot be used in bedrooms or bathrooms due to restrictions in local codes.