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House Wrap

Prime Wrap is the highest quality weather resistant barrier on the market.  Because this is a woven polyurethane product engineered with microperforations, water vapor is allowed to escape from the substructure.  When house wrap is properly installed it will help reduce the mold and mildew that normally occurs in framing components and absorbant sheathing materials.  The reduced air infiltration that Prime Wrap provides results in lower energy costs, while the microperforations still allow water vapor to escape. 
The water-resistant properties of Prime Wrap House Wrap also make it an ideal drainage plane behind exterior siding products.  It helps maintain R-Values by allowing only a minimal amount of air to enter the wall cavity.  Prime Wrap is strong enough to bend around corners, yet translucent, allowing for trouble-free installation.  It is also UV-resistant, so delays in construction do not adversely affect its future performance.
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* a plus, inc. also does Private Labeling on House Wrap Material as seen in photos 2 & 3