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Peterson Vented Fireplace Log Sets - Propane / LP

Peterson Gas Logs - Vented Log Sets - Propane

a plus, inc. is proud to offer complete ready-to-install log sets from R.H Peterson and Company.

All complete Gas Log Sets on this page are intended for installation with Propane (LP) Gas.  If you are looking for vented Gas Logs sets for installation with Natural Gas click here to go to that page.

All Complete Gas Log Sets on this page include the following components:


Gas Logs Certified G45 Burner with pre-assembled Control Valve and Regulator Custom Grate Glowing Embers
Sand (natural sets) Vermiculite (LP sets) Log Locators Connector Kit Manual Control Safety Pilot Valve
Damper Clamp      

Remote systems include a Basic Transmitter and Receiver

After you have selected you Log Set, be sure to visit our Accessories Page to get those little details that finish off the look of your new Log Set

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