A Plus, Inc, Insulation Materials, Decatur, GA


a plus, inc. installs SEALECTIONTM 500 foam insulation by Demilec, LLC
Formed in 1997, Demilec (USA) LLC was a pioneer in the development and popularization of the water blown, environmentally friendly, foam insulation known as SEALECTIONTM 500. 
SEALECTIONTM 500 is an open cell, semi-rigid spay-applied polyurethane foam insulation system which is made up of millions of microscopic cells that simultaneously insulate and air-seal. SEALECTIONTM 500 has been specifically designed to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and less dusty. SEALECTIONTM 500 is applied as a liquid which expands into a semi-rigid mass; it automatically "SEALS" off those drafty areas like baseboards, headers, sill plates, around windows, doors, electrical outlets, pipes, etc. It also minimizes uncontrolled air leakage throughout the building envelope (wall, ceilings,...) thereby reducing energy loss.
  • R-Value does not diminish over time.
  • Cellular structure and monolithic surface make it ideal for energy conservation.
  • Will maintain the same R-Value even at lowered temperatures.
  • Seals cracks, gaps, etc. found in on-site construction.
  • Is an air barrier due to its low air leakage.
  • Can withstand gust wind conditions (160 mph wind velocity)
  • Energy Efficient Homes - heating and cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 50%.
  • A Reduction of Heating and Air Conditioning tonnage by as much as 40% without the loss of efficiency or comfort.
  • Draft Free Environment - sealing of cracks, joints, etc..., will prevent uncontrolled movement of air through the wall assemblies.
  • Quiet Homes - the open cells and the semi-rigid polyurethane mass will absorb and reduce the transmission of sound.
  • Dust Free - homes insulated with SEALECTIONTM 500 show a remarkable reduction of dust accumulation.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality.
  • Stable Insulation - not subject to structural deterioration or decomposition.
  • Comfort throughout the Home.
All Information Provided by Demilec (USA) LLC