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The ICM (our supplier) tradition of excellence begins deep within the mountains around the world. Generations of skilled craftsmen excavate specially selected blocks of marble from many different quarries across five continents. Many blocks are inspected before a few are chosen for ICM's special needs. Each piece of stone is fabricated to old world specifications and becomes its own work of art in the home.
Our expert stonecutters use only the finest materials to ensure customer satisfaction in the United States. Each fireplace surround is carefully cut, polished, and crated, one piece at a time. Most of this labor is still done by hand, rather than with machinery, according to the technology available in each country. Our attention to detail continues as overseas artisans check each marble surround for holes, chips, scratches and other imperfections in the stone. Every marble slab is uniquely different from the next, and makes an individual statement in the home after being finely crafted and installed by experts.
Sizes for Fireplace Surrounds are as follows:
Specifications       Size 1            Size 2           Size 3             Size 6     
Fits Opening       42" - 44"      36" - 43"         36"           36" - 42" 
Hearth               20" x 72"      20" x 66"      20" x 60"       20" x 60" 
Header              12" x 60"      08" x 55"      06" x 54"       08" x 56"
Legs                  08" x 36"      06" x 36"      06" x 36"       06" x 36"  
Riser                 06" x 42"       06" x 36"     06"x36"-42"   06"x36"-44"
Hearths Only
Size 1:   20" x 72"
Size 2:   20" x 66"
Size 3:   20" x 60"
plusSandstone and plusTumbled Surrounds
*plusSandstone and plusTumbled Surrounds available.  - Click Here