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Combustion Safety Test

The Combustion Safety Test is really a series of 5 tests under one heading. These tests are:

1.  Ambient CO

2.  CAZ

3.  Draft

4.  CO

5.  Spillage


1.  First - we test for ambient CO (Carbon Monoxide).

This test involves testing the CO levels outside the home and inside the home.  We then check for any changes in these levels when a gas appliance is turned on.

At least one CO detector meeting UL-2034 specifications should be installed in the house.


2.  Second - we perform a CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone) worst case depressurization test.

Before this test is performed, the inspector will check each appliance for proper venting and safety.

Basically what we do is turn on all the fans that exhaust from the house on and then check each gas appliance to ensure that each gas appliance is drafting correctly.


3.  Third - the draft pressure is tested at each appliance.  This pressure is tested at a steady operating rate.

The pressure is compared to that at a natural state when the appliance is not running.


4.  Fourth - Carbon Monoxide is tested at the flue of each appliance and recorded.

This reading is compared to the readings done before the appliance was fired up.


5.  Fifth - Spillage testing