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Q: What is the difference between Direct Vent, Natural Vent, and Vent Free Fireplaces?
A: Direct Vent Fireplaces afford the owner the option of venting straight out of the back wall or straight up through the chase.  Natural Vent Fireplaces can only vent upwards, with the natural flow of the heat.  Vent Free Fireplaces do not vent out, thus they are a more efficient system than either Direct Vent or Natural Vent systems.
Q: What difference will I notice between having a plaster mantel or a wood mantel?
A: Plaster Mantels are a bit tougher than wood, and are less likely to chip or peel over the years.  All of a plus inc.'s mantels vary in price by model.  We have proudly manufactured our own plaster mantels since 1988.   
Q: How do I choose which style Surround or Hearth I would like to purchase?
A: Once you have chosen a size, you may click on the item and you will be brought to the product page.  On the Product Page there is a drop-down list of finish options for your surround or Hearth.  Choosing your preferred finish from this list will adjust the price in your cart accordingly.
Q: What is the difference between Tumbled Marble and Polished Marble?
A: Tumbled Marble is honed marble that is then finished by tumbling in a machine.  This process removes sharp edges and gives the tile a soft appearance.  Polished Marble has been rubbed and glossed with a linen cushion, or with emery dust or pewter.  
Q: How do I choose the correct refractory panels for my fireplace?
A: Our 'Search Grid' page provides an easy way for you to browse all of the refractory panels we offer.  Panels are grouped by fireplace manufacturer and model.  Use the search grids to find the right refractory panels for your fireplace.