A Plus, Inc, Insulation Materials, Decatur, GA

FAQ's Mantels

Q: What differences will I notice between a Plaster Mantel and a Wood Mantel?
A: Plaster Mantels are tougher and less likely to warp, chip, or peel over time.
Q: What are plusSandstone and plusTumbled materials?
A: plusSandstone and plusTumbled are made from a mixture of gypsum, marble dust, sand, pigment, and fiberglass.  plusSandstone has the look of limestone without the weight.  plusTumbled is much darker, with the look of volcanic rock.  All of our Plaster Mantels are also available in plusSandstone and plusTumbled at additional cost.
Q: Will your mantels fit masonry fireplaces?
A: Yes.  Our Plaster Mantels are certified non-combustible and can be placed directly onto the face of a manufactured or masonry fireplace.  Our Wood Mantels can only be used on masonry fireplaces if a surround is in place.