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FAQ's Refractory Panels

Q: How do I choose the right Refractory Panels for my fireplace?
A: Please see our Refractory Panel Search Grids, which are available by manufacturer.  Each search grid lists proper Refractory Panels by fireplace model number.  If your fireplace model does not appear on any search grid, please call a plus, inc. at 1-877-628-1628 and a sales representative will assist you.
Q: When do Refractory Panels need to be replaced?
A: It depends.  Most panels can survive with small cracks, however they will need to be replaced if they have long, deep cracks or are broken into separate pieces at any point.  After replacing your panels, your first few fires should be small so the brick can cure properly.  This will assure longer lasting Refractory Panels.