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a plus, inc. installs and services fireplaces in the Atlanta metropolitan area. In other parts of the country, we ship the parts for Lennox(Superior, Marco), and CFM/Majestic/MHSC. We do not ship Fireplaces outside our area.  Our online store provides a place for you to browse and pick a fireplace, but you must call our office to place an ORDER for a fireplace system.  Please call us toll free at (404)-373-7587.

Accessories such as glass doors, screens, refractory panels are relatively easy to install. We have installation instructions at the respective site. However, fireplace systems are more difficult and do require carpentry skills.

With gas fireplaces and/or gas logs we urge you to use a National Fireplace Institute certified Gas Specialist, or at least a licensed/certified Plumber or HVAC technician. Always follow the instructions packaged with each system. Remember local code supercedes manufacturer instructions. Rarely is there a problem with your new system, but it could happen. We will make every effort to "walk you through" to a solution, or ask you to call the technical representative at the manufacturer.

The local distributor in your town will not be very helpful with your problems if you purchase your system from a plus, inc. over the Internet. So keep that in mind. We are not trying to discourage your purchase, and have had no problems to date. Again, if you have a problem we are committed to helping you. We have been in business since 1985, and plan to continue serving our customers both in Atlanta and via the Internet.

You might want to visit the CFM/Majestic or Lennox websites (www.majesticproducts.com & www.lennoxhearthproducts.com) to find a contractor in your area if you do not feel comfortable with a do-it-yourself project. WE DO ENCOURAGE YOU TO ORDER ALL PARTS FROM US. We will ship directly to you via UPS.  Please take some time to browse our Fireplace Accessories.


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