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Fireplace Flashing

Fireplace Flashing

Fireplace Flashing


a plus inc. manufactures Masonry Covers, Metal Pans, Shrouds, UL Shrouds, Fireplace Flue Flashing and Metal Cones in a variety of sizes. Please call to order a piece for your fireplace system.
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You can see examples of the different styles below

Masonry Cover

A masonry cover is installed at the top of chase of a Masonry Fireplace (constructed of solid masonry units with clay flue, including brick, stone, listed masonry material, etc.) and not a prefabricated fireplace with metal pipe.

Masonry Covers are designed to cover the chase to prevent water from coming in from the top;  also have wire mesh around to prevent pests from coming into the house thru the clay pipe termination.



Metal Pan


A metal pan is also known as metal cap or chase cover. This consists of a piece of galvanized metal that covers the chase to keep water and/or animals from entering your home thru this opening. The pan is made to dimensions of the finished chase; and should be the outermost part of the chase. A hole with collar is cut into pan for the metal chimney termination cap to exit.

We recommend that all chases be 'banded' to assist in water drainage.  Banding is where a layer of 2 x 4 is attached to the outside of the top of the chase.  This gets the water dripping off of the pan away from the chase a little.




A metal chimney shroud is used for decorative purposes only. It is made to sit on top of the metal pan on a chase and hide the metal termination cap. a plus, inc. offers several designs. Or we can make your design, just send us a drawing.





UL Shrouds


Please note: Due to code changes in some jurisdictions that prevent non-listed "decorative shrouds" on any metal chimney, you may need a UL listed chimney shroud in certain counties.  a plus, inc. has UL listed shrouds available also. Please check your local building codes before ordering.





Metal Cones

A metal cone is used for decorative purposes only. It sits on top of a shroud and it is designed to emulate the terracotta Chimney pots positioned on masonry chimney tops.



Flue Flashing

6/12 flashing and 12/12 flashing are used on roofs in applications where there is no chase.  They are sometimes referred to as, or compared to plumbing boots.  They are typically constructed of galvanized metal and consist of a flat piece that is installed under the shingles, and a conic piece that goes around the flue pipe.

They can be made to accommodate any size flue diameter.

6/12 flashings are used in roofs that have pitches from 1/12 to 9/12, and 12/12 flashing is used on roofs that have pitches of 10/12 to 16/12.

The top of the cone is cut horizontally upon installation, and a storm collar is installed above it on the flue.


In this picture, you can see how the flat bottom piece is installed correctly under the shingles.  The circular disc at the top of the cone is the storm collar.

In this picture, you see another installation where the flat piece was not installed under the shingles, but instead some sort of sealant was applied.  At some point in time, this will probably cause a leak.

By the way, we also clean gutters.





















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