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Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

We are proud to be registered with Georgia Power’s Home Energy Improvement Program.  This program allows Georgia Power residential customers to take advantage of generous rebates after completing Energy Efficient measures set forth by the program.  In order to qualify for the Georgia Power rebates, an Energy Assessment must be completed to find out what is really going on in the home. The good news, even the cost of the Energy Assessment has a rebate of 50% of the cost up to $200!

Two options are available to receive rebates through this program.  Choose from, the “whole house” approach with a maximum potential rebate of up to $2,200, or the “individual improvements” with a maximum potential rebate of $700. 

Typical improvements include: Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Crawl Space/Floor Insulation, Duct Sealing, programmable thermostats.

a plus, inc. provides the Energy Assessment and completes the Energy Efficiency Measures needed to qualify for the rebates. We are qualified to do it all, or we can just complete your Energy Assessment or just the Energy Measures you need, it’s up to you!

A no brainer decision in today’s economy!  The need to save money and energy wherever you can is a big priority.  We want our customers to have a positive, energy saving experience, while taking advantage of the Energy Efficiency programs out there today.  Our complete knowledge of the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program and our and experience installing Energy saving measures for 25 years should make a plus, inc. your first choice. We are qualified, insured and ready to work for you.

Call or email today to start being Energy Efficient through Georgia Power’s Home Energy Improvement Program:

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You can also email us at:  save.energy@aplusinc.net 

How does the free a plus, inc. Energy Audit Work?

Free audits last approximately 30 minutes and are conducted by an a plus, inc. energy consultant with many years of experience in the home energy efficiency field. A free audit aims to explain what rebates, federal tax credits or incentives you may be eligible for based on where you live.  We also give you a general idea of likely energy measures needed as well as an approximate cost for certain items.

How does a Georgia Power Home Improvement Energy Assessment Work?

In order to qualify for Georgia Power rebates a Full Energy Assessment must be completed.  This will include Blower Door Testing, Duct Blaster Testing, Combustion Safety Testing as well an in depth review of the entire home.  These Full Energy Assessments are conducted by a certified (BPI) Building Performance Analyst who performs all diagnostic testing.  The Energy Assessment typically last 4 to 7 hours depending on the square footage of your home. Yes it is technical and very thorough! An in depth Energy Assessment Report is generated for the homeowner, along with specifics on eligibility for rebates, detailed costs of work recommended to be performed, and pictures of problem areas. (Remember as part of the Georgia Power Home Improvement program, you are eligible for up to a $200 rebate just for the Assessment) Full Energy Assessments are not free.  Most run between $350 - $450 depending on the square footage of your home and number of HVAC units you have.

In today’s economy, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this exciting program that will maximize the comfort of your home, save you money on your utilities, and best of all, help you pay for it!  Don’t wait, start saving today!