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Lennox EDVST Replacement Parts and Accessories

Lennox EDVST - Replacement Parts & Accessories

Lennox EDVST

Elite Series - Direct Vent - See-Thru - Gas Fireplace


Lennox EDVST


Authorized Accessories


Deluxe Remote

Lennox H8861 RCL-S-STAT


H8861 - RCL-S-STAT - (Old part # H0251)


This Remote Control has all the features of the basic unit plus many more display indicators.


Arched Door Kits

Lennox 81L34 & 98L68


81L35 - ADK40CPB


98L69 - ADK40CBS


These Arch Door Kits attach to the glass enclosure panel without the use of hardware.

These Arch Door Kits CAN NOT be used in conjunction with the Screen Panel Kits.

Door Frame Kits

Lennox 88L44 & 90L70

88L45 - DTK40PB-2 - 40" Polished Brass

90L71 - DTK40BS - 40" Brushed Stainless

These kits are designed to attach directly to the front face of the fireplace at the 4 edges of the glass enclosure panel.

These Door Frame Kits CAN NOT be used in conjunction with the Screen Panel Kits.

Screen Panel Kit

Lennox 88L52

96K32 - HG40

This kit can be installed on the glass enclosure panel.

The Screen Panel Kits CAN NOT be used in conjunction with the Arch Door Kits Or the Door Frame Kits.

Black Finish Louvers Kit

Lennox 88L23

88L25 - LVR40C-2 - for 40" door

These panels are designed to replace the standard radiant panels that are supplied with the appliance and can be retrofitted to previously installed appliances.

Kits have 3 pieces on top and 3 pieces on bottom.

Brickaded Panel Liner Kit

Lennox H0778


H0779 - EBLK-ST

This kit includes ceramic panels of the side walls of the fireplace.

The panels have brick-like features in relief.

Note - The kit does not contain a floor.

Arch Pane Design Door Facing

Lennox H0942 & H0944

H8777 - APD40C Black - (Old Part # H0934)

H8778 - APD40SP Satin Pewter - (Old Part # H0936)

These Style View Doors are easy to install without the need for hardware.

They attach directly to the standard glass door frame and include heavy duty magnet door latches.

Square Pane Design Door Facing

Lennox H0974 & H0976

Discontinued - H0966 - SPD40C Black

H8784 - SPD40SP Satin Pewter

These Style View Doors are easy to install without the need for hardware.

They attach directly to the standard glass door frame and include heavy duty magnet door latches.

Forced Air Kits

Lennox 80L84 & 80L85 & 80L86

80L84 - FBK-100

80L85 - FBK-200

80L86 - FBK-250

The FBK-100 blower provides constant velocity forced air circulation.

The FBK-200 has variable speed and a wall mountable switch to provide variable speed air circulation.

The FBK-250 is the same as the FBK200 except that the switch is mounted on the unit rather than the wall.




Factory Supplied Replacement Parts

1b - Upper Radiant Panel - 40"

Lennox H6334 old part # LB-91885CY


H6334 - (Old Part # H3722)

2b - Hood, Black - 40"

Lennox 97K52 old part # LB-91941CY


97K52 - (Old Part # LB-91941CY)

3b - Upper Bustle - 40"

Lennox H6351 / LB-96790C


H6351 - (Old Part # H3741)

4b - Glass Enclosure - 40"

Lennox H8122 / H3724

H8122 - (Old Part # H3724)

5b - Lower Bustle - 40"

Lennox H6339 / LB-92496C

H6339 - (Old Part # LB-92496C)

6b - Lower Radiant Assembly - 40"

Lennox H6342 - LB-92649C

H6342 - (Old Part # LB-92649C)

7 - Nameplate

Lennox 12L15


8 - Log Set (Complete)

Lennox 55M04


9 - Grate Assembly

Lennox H6287 / H3358

H6287 - (Old Part # H3358)

Xa - Bag of Rockwool

Lennox 88L53



Xb - Bag of Volcanic Stone

Lennox 80L42



10 - Magnet, Radiant Panel

Lennox H3876


11 - Burner Assembly

Lennox H6267 / H2206



12 - Gasket, Burner Tray Mounting

Lennox 43K85



13 - Gasket, Venturi Tube Mounting

Lennox 43K85



14 - Venturi Tube Arm




15a - Modesty Panel - Millivolt

Lennox H6303 / H3386

H6305 - (Old Part # H3388)

15b - Modesty Panel - Electronic

Lennox H6304 / H3387

H6304 - (Old Part # H3387)

16 - Latch, Glass Enclosure

Lennox 69L21


17 - Magnetic Door Catch

Lennox 69L31


18 - Rocker Switch


19 - Air Shutter Adjustment Rod


H6321 - (Old Part # H3707)


20 - Flex Gas Line Connector

Lennox 93L32 / 43K33

93L32 - (Old Part # 43K33)



Gas Controls - SIT - Millivolt

30 - Gas Valve, SIT - Natural Gas

Lennox H6209 & 43K07

H6209 - (Old Part # 43K07)

30 - Gas Valve, SIT - Propane Gas

Lennox 88J53


31 - Piezo Ignitor

Lennox 10K86

Requires Part # 56L21 not originally shown in manual


31.1 - Wire, Piezo Ignitor

Lennox 56L21




32 - Pilot Assembly - Natural Gas

Lennox 69L17


32 - Pilot Assembly - Propane Gas

Lennox 69L17


33 - Pilot Generator

Lennox 69L17


34 - Thermocouple

Lennox 69L17


35 - Pilot Tube

Lennox 69L17


36 - Electrode & Cable

Lennox 69L17

H6212 - (Old Part # 74L58)

37 - Orifice - Natural

Lennox 69L17


37 - Orifice - Propane

Lennox 69L17



Gas Controls - Honeywell - Electronic

40 - Gas Valve, Honeywell - Natural Gas

Lennox 62L18


41 - Pilot Assembly - Natural Gas

Lennox 62L14


42 - Transformer

Lennox 42J32





43 - Ignitor Assembly (Kit)

Lennox 87L54


44 - Orifice - Natural

Lennox 69L17