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Marco Fireplace Refractory Panels

Many of the older kits have been discontinued by Lennox.

Note:  Lennox informed us on 11/15/17 that they will discontinue selling individual pieces of refractory due to changes in manufacturing.  Also, the new kits will be stained with their new 'creamer colored, high temperature stain.'

Look for your Marco Fireplace model # within the ranges below to go straight to that page.

Page 1 - Models A36P to C36CF

Page 2 - Models C36HC to Designer ST-EILP

Page 3 - Models Designer ST-LPEI to PB36CF

If you can not find you fireplace model or part number in these pages, look at the Marco Discontinued Refractory Panel Page

Search for Marco Refractory panels using the Marco Refractory Panel Search Grid.

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