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Peterson Fireplace Gas Logs and Accessories

RH Peterson Fireplace Gas Logs - Real Fyre

RH Peterson Gas Logs and Accessories

a plus, inc. sells and installs both Vented and Vent Free Gas Log sets.  Different states and counties have different codes with respect to the requiring the use of a control valve with Gas Logs.  You need to check with your local code authority to see what the requirements are in your area.

Additionally, Gas Logs require using a gas line that is a minimum of 1/2" OD.  A licensed plumber can check to make sure that the gas supply line you have is sufficient.

NOTE: If your Fireplace is Factory Built, be sure that it is approved for Vent Free Logs. If your Fireplace is Masonry, we recommend that you check the flue system before installing Vent Free Logs. They get very HOT.

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