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plusSandstone and plusTumbled Surrounds and Hearths

plusSandstone Finish
plusTumbled Finish

a plus, inc. offers plusSandstone and plusTumbled Hearths and Surrounds in various sizes that allow you to complete the finish of your fireplace design in a warm, yet durable material that is more economical than either Marble or Granite.
plusSandstone and plusTumbled are made from a mixture of gypsum, marble dust, sand, pigment, and fiberglass.  plusSandstone has the look of limestone, but not the weight.  plusTumbled is much darker with the look of volcanic rock.  Both are available in two sizes (1 & 2) that include a hearth.  Sizes 3 and 3A DO NOT include a hearth.
We make two models of plusSandstone and plusTumbled.  The Kirkwood models fit our new Kirkwood mantel and the Ellenwood models fit all other styles.
Ellenwood plusSandstone Hearth
Ellenwood plusTumbled Hearth

**Prices Shown Below Apply to Size 1.  Once you have chosen which Style Hearth or Surround you would like to purchase, you may choose the size from the drop down menu on the product page.  The price in your shopping cart will adjust accordingly.

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