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Replacement Gas Log Sets, Burners and Grates

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Log Sets and Burner Assemblies used in gas fireplaces must be those that are approved for use in those fireplaces, by the manufacturer of the fireplace.  Otherwise, it can void the UL / CSA certification or listing and could cause problems such as fires or asphyxiation.

The Gas Log Sets and Burner Assemblies listed in the following grids were designed and approved for the specific fireplace models, and provided by the manufacturer of the respective fireplaces.

If you are looking for gal logs to put in your wood burning fireplace or vent-free fireplace, you can check out our selection of Peterson Gas Logs here.

Below, you can access the replacement log sets, replacement burners and replacement grates from Lennox Hearth Products.


These parts cover all of the gas fireplaces under the brand names of Lennox Hearth Products, Superior Fireplaces and Marco Fireplaces.

For ease of searching, we have put the log sets, burners and grates on one search grid for all of the Lennox brands together. 


They are listed in alphabetical order based on the fireplace model number.


For models Adagio to DS-36RN / CRN, click here

For models DS-36RN-2 / RP-2 to GHCE-8040PE, click here

For models GHCE-8045N to LSBV-3628-H Crestline, click here

For models LSBV-4228 Crestline to MPD4035, click here

For models MPD4540 to VFST, click here
























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