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Secure Chimneys International Fireplace Refractory Panels

The Refractory Panels shown below are for Secure Chimneys International.

Fireplace Model #'s are displayed alphabetically below.

Pictures shown with product are representations of product and may not look like your panel.


Fuel Type Fireplace Model # Hearth Back Right Left
W BIS Nova PR-SR2825 PR-SR2826 PR-SR2827 PR-SR2828
W BIS Panorama PR-SR2055 PR-SR2056 PR-SR2057D PR-SR2057G
W BIS Tradition PR-SR2422 PR-SR2415 PR-SR2419_PR-SR2417 PR-SR2418_PR-SR2416
W BIS Tradition CE PR-SR2201 PR-SR2618 PR-SR2619D PR-SR2619G
W BIS Ultima PR-SR2201 PR-SR2203 PR-SR2204D PR-SR2204G
W BIS Ultima CF PR-SR3018 PR-SR2996 PR-SR2997D PR-SR2997G
W BIS Ultra PR-SR1973 PR-SR1972 PR-SR1971D PR-SR1971G

















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