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Superior Fireplace Refractory Panels

Look for your Superior Fireplace model # within the ranges below to go straight to that page.

Note:  Lennox informed us on 11/15/17 that they will discontinue selling individual pieces of refractory due to changes in manufacturing.  Also, the new kits will be stained with their new 'creamer colored, high temperature stain.'


Page 1 - Models 028 EZ to BR-42-2 

Page 2 - Models BRF 3875 to EZ Heat 43

Page 3 - Models FC 3880 to GRDE-8038N  

Page 4 - Models GRDE 8038NE to KBV-38RMN

Page 5 - Models KC-38 to RD-42

Page 6 - Models RD-42-H to UVFRC-4228

Page 7 - Models UVFRC-4228-H to VFR-43


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These products may be on backorder.  Please call us before ordering if you have a dead line. 

Pictures shown with product are representations of product and may not look like your panel.


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