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Traditional Attic Insulation Solutions

a plus, inc. has been providing traditional insulation solutions for your attic in the Metro Atlanta area for over 25 years.

Depending on the State and County you live in, the requirements for R value can vary from R-30 to R-50.  In general, the requirements in the Metro Atlanta area are either R-30 or R-38.  That minimum being stated, having a greater R value can only help you in keeping the heat out of the living area of your home.

The 2 basic ways to insulate you attic or upgrade the insulation in your attic;  fiberglass batts or blown-in insulation.  Regardless of which of these solutions you select, you will still need to address the Air Infiltration or leakage that occurs from the attic into your living space because of plumbing, electrical and HVAC opening that occur from your attic to the conditioned area of your home.  For more information on Air Infiltration click here.


Blown-in insulation - is generally cellulose, and can be installed in an attic that has:  no insulation; some fiberglass batts insulation; some blown-in insulation.  Note in the pictures, the 'rulers' that are set around the attic to insure that the correct amount of insulation is installed.



Fiberglass Batts  - can be installed in attics that have:  no insulation; some existing fiberglass batts insulation; some existing cellulose or other blown insulation.

Installing fiberglass batts in your attic can be a bit difficult if you have a low pitch on your roof or if your attic is broken up into several sections.  This is however the alternative that is normally selected by the do-it-yourself home owner.  Some of the attic applications because of low pitch or no access, must have the insulation installed prior to installing the ceiling drywall.



NOTE:  If you have existing insulation in your attic and it has gotten wet, you want to remove it before installing any new insulation.  a plus, inc can remove existing insulation as part of any job we do for you in your attic.

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