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Fireplace Parts

Fireplace Replacement Parts & Accessories and Plaster Mantels

Please Note Ship times from Fireplace Manufacturers:  Lennox / Superior / Marco = 10 business days or 15+ in the Fall and Winter;  Majestic / MHSC = 10 to 15 business days or up to 20+ in the Fall and Winter.

Images are representative of the parts, and may not look the same as your part, especially when it comes to refractory panels.

If you need a replacement part for a Lennox, Superior, Marco, Majestic or MHSC fireplace that is not listed, please feel free to call us at 404-373-plus(7587) and we will try to find out if the parts are still available.


All Fireplace Glass Doors

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Factory Supplied Accessories and Replacement Parts


RH Peterson Gas Logs & Accessories

Peterson Gas Logs & Accessories

Fireplace Plaster Mantels

Fireplace Plaster Mantels

Replacement Fireplace Wire Mesh Screens

Fireplace Mesh Screens



Fqactory Supplied Replacement Gas Logs, Burners & Grates

Factory Supplied Replacement Gas Logs, Burners & Grates


Fireplace Flashing