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Fireplaces Installed in the Atlanta Metro Area

We install fireplaces in the Atlanta Metro Area ONLY.  We do NOT ship fireplaces anywhere, we only sell those that we install.

To look at some of the current models of the fireplaces that we are installing, click on the image or the link at the top to view them.


Factory Supplied Replacement Parts and Accessories

Factory supplied fireplace replacement parts and accessories

We sell factory supplied replacement parts and accessories for the Lennox / Marco / Superior / IHP family of fireplaces as well as those for the Majestic / MHSC family of fireplaces.

Here are some of the specific categories we sell parts in:

Glass Doors; Wire Mesh Screens; Refractory Panels; Replacement Gas Logs and Burners and Grates

You will also be able to find any piece of Flashing you might need.  a plus, inc. manufactures our own Cones, Shrouds, Pans, and many other items you might need to finish off your fireplace system. 

You can click on the image above or any of the other links to visually see the categories we offier.

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