A Plus, Inc, Insulation Materials, Decatur, GA

SHGDK Door Installation Instructions

1. Remove bottom door track assembly from carton.
2. Remove the screws holding the bottom door track to the mounting plate. (Fig. 1) There are three (3) screws on the 48" and 42" models and two (2) screws on the 36" models.
3. Discard the track mounting plate and the screws that were removed from it.
4. Align three (3) of the 1/4" steel bushings with the three (3) holes in the bottom of the door track. (Two (2) on 36" model)
***NOTE: The smaller diameter shoulder should fit inside the hole in the door track.
5. Set the door track on the surround front ledge with the spacers under it. (Fig. 4)
6. Use the three (3) 1" long screws provided in this kit to attach the bottom door track to the surround front ledge.
***NOTE: The screws must go through the bushing.
7. Install the top door track and the doors according to the instructions provided with the door set.