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Lennox BR-42 Specs and Info

BC-42 / BR-42 / 42-2

42" Radiant Clean-Face or Heat-Circulating Louvered Fireplace

The Superior BC and BR wood-burning fireplaces offer an attractive choice with the look of a conventional masonry fireplace. The BC is a practical heat-circulating fireplace the helps distribute warm air into the home, while the BR offers comfortable radiant heat. Both models deliver the beauty and ambiance that makes wood-burning fires so appealing.


  • 42" firebox opening offers a large viewing area for entertaining fires.
  • Realistic brick patterned interior adds a touch of custom masonry realism.
  • Smooth exterior cleanface front provides an appealing and elegant look on or off. (BR)


  • Radiant heat provides relaxing warmth to the room environment. (BR)
  • Heat-circulating design with an optional fan system increases warm air distribution. (BC)

Ease of Operation

  • Standard fuel grate for no-hassle loading.
  • Convenient damper design makes opening and closing effortless.
  • Easy access outside air mechanism offers improved performance.

Design Versatility

  • Choose from several styles of glass doors with a variety of finishes and style to suit your discerning tastes.