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Refractory Panel Installation Instructions

Refractory Installation/Side or Rear Panel: Thoroughly clean the inside of any ashes. There are usually metal brackets at the top of each Side Panel. Remove the bracket using a ¼" or 5/16" as needed nut driver. However, some fireplaces (Temco) have a metal cowling across the top opening of the fireplace that wraps around the top front of the Side Panel. You must remove this piece of metal in order to remove the Side Panel. This is done by removing the 5 to 9, ¼" sheet metal screws across the front of the cowling, one of which will overlap each Side Panel. Once the screws have been removed, firmly grasp the cowling and pull it down and out. There is also a metal bracket above the Rear Panel that must be removed.

Work gloves are recommended to avoid cuts. It may be necessary to remove one Side Panel in order to remove the Rear Panel. Once the brackets and/or cowling has been removed, use a flat bar or a flat head screwdriver at the base of the Panel as leverage to lift the Panel up and out.

Before installing new Refractory Panel check to be certain the area is free from ash & debris from the old Panel. Reverse these steps to replace.

Refractory Installation/Hearth Panel: First determine if the Rear and Side Panels are resting on the Hearth Panel. If the answer is yes, then you must remove them first (see above). Use a flat bar or putty knife placed between the front of the Hearth Panel and the metal of the fireplace opening to pry the Hearth Panel up and out.